More to come soon!!

I’ve made a side tumblr to house the many Foxgloves & friends things I plan to create and post in the future!! Check it out!!

chuggin along into midterms

I guess this can be Easter related.

sketchydoodle of Lady Sif because she was amaze in Agents of SHIELD. hjfla

Doodled this after watching the premiere of the show Resurrection some weeks ago.

Then TWD came back on at the same time and I was behind ever since.

School likes to eat me

have a doodle


fychan answered your post: Uhh so I’ve been drawing a lot of the …

a hand turkey animal crossing villager. personified hand turkeys.


i forgot what I was doing, but I think I did it.

And with this, my finals are complete. All that is left is a crit and then I am free to do non homework things, like devour sushi drawing random things again. :D


Tossed outside by Cazel Rulloda

This is a thing I doodled :D
I really wanted some pancakes and eggs that morning, man, that’s all I remember thinking.

Check out all the other eggs on their tumblr!!! They’re all so cute and fun :3

Have a little watercolor thing I did while avoiding classwork :D


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I made a facebook page if y’all wanna check it out :D

Doodle I did a couple.,.. days or weeks ago. :D

mama-lotus replied to your post: Uhh so I’ve been drawing a lot of the …

Welllllllllll… it’s still so recent, I hate to ask, but… Peter memorial? Maybe meeting Honey?

Honey, in her forever blanket of warmth, beckons the tiny Peter to her for some warm hugs.

I tried not to be sad while I drew this… but I was sad anyway… but then I decided to make myself even more sad…

All the cats I’ve had the pleasure of meeting who have recently passed, looking over Honey and Peter. I pray they’re all taking care of eachother in kitty heaven~

My heart goes out to those who have had to say goodbye to their pets/best friends/babies. <3<3