Maybe the anatomy is a teensy bit off but I’m really fascinated by how decent this turned out??????


eightytwoisms made me this disgustingly cute graduation card :3


Finished up my books/mini-comics for Self Publishing class. Satisfied with how they turned out, mostly eager to take them home and add them to my comic/book collection :3

Ohhay look I did a thing.
Storyboard animatic for my Drawing for Storyboarding class. Had to board a… snippit of a Powerpuff Girls script fighting some “imposters”… yeah, iunno, checkit out I guess :D <3

My class and some grads are having a little Mini-Con tomorrow and I feel like I’m missing something.




I improved the dialogue significantly.

silently defaces progress screenshots because they’re less likely to be stolen?????????????????? 

two more pages to finish in less than two dayssssssss

Printed some minis to display for my Self Publishing class’s Mini-con.

The fox one actually has a comic in it, the other one is still in progress so it’s empty…………… but the cover looks nice for now :D

Janine!! And a quick doodle of her with John cat supervising Egon and Ray’s mischief. Posted in time for Janine and the kittens getting adopted out! 

One important thing I gave to Janine was a little locket that she would keep a picture of baby Peter in.

In my brain world, after she lost Peter, she fell into a sort of depression that she could only get through by working out and doing yoga and whatnot. Although somewhat reserved, she’s one of the tougher mommies in the neighborhood, jumping to the other mommycat’s aids whenever an outsider tries to make trouble. Since the mommycats were all there for her when she was at her lowest, she wants to return the favor and show her thanks by scaring away anyone that tries to hurt any of them. :3

So happy to see Janine and her kittens have all been accounted for—and have been adopted together! I pray their forever home is cozy and wonderful for them. Excited for the next set of kitties already!!

If you miss them already, or have no idea who these people are, check out the facebook photo album of the actual cats here!

I was gonna save these for Mother’s Day, but then I just realized that the Ghostbuster kittens were being adopted out tomorrow, so I made a mad dash to dig up all my unposted foster kitten drawings!! I’ll try to post them within the next few days :D

Meanwhile, here’s a year-old doodle I did of Ripley that I never got around to cleaning up. I wanted to incorporate her tail without giving her a ponytail because I was determined to have her hair short. So she gets a little lanyard keychain :3

Link to the photo album of Ripley and her kitties if we needed reminders of all the cuties.

All you foster kitty stream folks miiiight be able to guess who this is :3

Got some business cards printed from They turned out super nice and they shipped in a timely manner, so I totally recommend MOO for nice business cards and other printing needs !!!

They’re having a sale that ends today, so go check ‘em out if you’re looking to get some printed material done!

quick warm-up doodle

 daleeni said: What happened to Janine? D:

Apparently she got a nosebleed yesterday morning. John posted about it on the livestream newsfeed if you wanna know more. She looks fine now, though, at least, so hopefully no worries =)


Anonymous asked: Your drawing of Peter and Honey from the Kitten Cam nearly made me cry. Do you have any plans to draw Janine, Egon, and Ray (and Peter)? Your pictures of them just warm my heart!

Oh man, I was just checking in on the stream because of what happened to Janine this morning and I was totally thinking about drawing them soon, hopefully. I still wanna draw the Pixar kittens, too. I’ve been so behiiind, arrgg