Doodled this after watching the premiere of the show Resurrection some weeks ago.

Then TWD came back on at the same time and I was behind ever since.

School likes to eat me

have a doodle


fychan answered your post: Uhh so I’ve been drawing a lot of the …

a hand turkey animal crossing villager. personified hand turkeys.


i forgot what I was doing, but I think I did it.

And with this, my finals are complete. All that is left is a crit and then I am free to do non homework things, like devour sushi drawing random things again. :D


Tossed outside by Cazel Rulloda

This is a thing I doodled :D
I really wanted some pancakes and eggs that morning, man, that’s all I remember thinking.

Check out all the other eggs on their tumblr!!! They’re all so cute and fun :3

Have a little watercolor thing I did while avoiding classwork :D


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I made a facebook page if y’all wanna check it out :D

Doodle I did a couple.,.. days or weeks ago. :D

mama-lotus replied to your post: Uhh so I’ve been drawing a lot of the …

Welllllllllll… it’s still so recent, I hate to ask, but… Peter memorial? Maybe meeting Honey?

Honey, in her forever blanket of warmth, beckons the tiny Peter to her for some warm hugs.

I tried not to be sad while I drew this… but I was sad anyway… but then I decided to make myself even more sad…

All the cats I’ve had the pleasure of meeting who have recently passed, looking over Honey and Peter. I pray they’re all taking care of eachother in kitty heaven~

My heart goes out to those who have had to say goodbye to their pets/best friends/babies. <3<3

Anonymous asked: Are you willing to draw any specific fanart? like of a series?

if possible :D I can’t promise I’ll know the series and get the characters right, but I can sure try my best :3

Uhh so I’ve been drawing a lot of the same things in this past month, and soon I’ll have a whole week to just doodle whatever. Anyone have any suggestions for me to draw :D? Fanart? Hand turkeys?? Anything :D???

I wanted to share a doodle I did of two of my favorite bbsibling ocs.
Enjoy :D

oops, forgot to do these for the past few days. Might just start posting these on sundayssssss