Have a lady.

*POSTS BECAUSE IT’S MY BDAY ANd I like this doodle :D*

Some cuties taking over their corner of the world ;)

old doodles of some Star Wars: The Old Republic game characters I made forever ago. I made them both androids, so my brain made them android sisters, even if one is a smuggler with the Republic and the other is an imperial agent with the Empire. They’re a bickering pair of weirdos :3

And their names were made by me banging my hands on the keyboard until something that looked remotely like a name came out :D

Sophia’s cool brother, Darius Roderick Damasca.

He’s Kamina good at inspirational speeches.

Artist/Writer Inspiration Thing?!


So my friend Cazel and I did a thing based on this post. We decided for this time to both do things that are 100% original off the top of our heads, and… well, what came out of my head is kind of morbid. :|

see below the cut!

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I think I spent a little too long on this, lol. But I really like how it turned out :3
though I think it needs more blood maybe notreally

One of my old masterpieces, featuring aegiskitty and one of my awkward children.

oldold set of doodles of some ladies

Doin a writer/artist exercise with my awesome buddy, Lei.

Eager to see what she writes up for this because I have no idea what’s going on here 8D. :3

Another random old-ish doodle of a girlygoo who studies music theory/composition in college and digs fashion.

doodle I did for a birthdayy

Old-ish doodle of a lady by the name of Sophia Gwendolyn Damasca. She’s got a cool big brother.

random doodle of a girlygoo named bethy

drawmokie asked: draw mokie

because you’re so busy asking everyone to draw mokie, I’ll find the old one I did that you didn’t like with all it’s mistakes just you’re special to me :3

small baps and no bows because she ate them

Drawing I did of my buddy for his birthday a couple weeks ago. He asked everyone to draw him any way we wanted. I remembered he liked Peachypeach, so I wanted to make him the prince of the Toad Kingdom. Because. c’mon.


because I want her to come back and be the biggest baddie ever.